Wednesday, 4 May 2011

SS11 Hair Trends by Joe Mills

Iconic look: 
Preppy Sportsman

Catwalk trend: 
Louis Vuitton SS11

Elements of the style:
 Short textured preppy look for all hair types. Works and straight and fine hair, and hair with a wave. Cut to a similar length all over. Looks equally good in a suit as it does on the sports field.

Styling elements:
Avoid a short back and sides. Keep the hair line textiured around the neck and ears. It will grow out better and hold the style longer.

We recommend Davines NO. 6 Glossy Plasteline, applied to towel dried hair and styled.

Iconic look: 
New Romantic Curls

Catwalk trend: 

Elements of the style:
This look is great for naturally curly, thick hair. The key to this look is making sure your curls are defined, not frizzy. When asking for this cut, make sure the hairdresser texturizes the cut to maximize the curl.

Styling elements:
Towel dry. Take a very hands on approach and apply a tennis ball size amount of mousse throughout hair. Take small sections and twist. Leave to dry naturally. To eliminate any frizz, add a little putty. 

We recommend Davines Creative Moulding Foam and Davines No.4 Moulding Putty.

Iconic look: 
Disheveled Daddy.

Catwalk trend: 

Elements of the style:
Textured fifties style quiff. No short back and sides. Works with medium to thicker hair types. Versatile haircut, can be slicked down or as messy as you like.

Styling elements:
Hair dryer maybe needed for this one! Apply a cricket ball size a mousse through the mid lengths and ends, use hairdryer and style with fingers to create quiff. Blast dry back and sides to create texture.

Finish with Davines No.13 Matt Paste and hairspray.

Iconic look: 
Rock Star Locks

Catwalk trend: 
U-NI-TY SS 2011

Elements of the style:
The longest part of this haircut is the front and sides. The shortest is the crown and nape of neck. Suitable for most hair types, the thicker the hair, the more texture needs to be added.

Styling elements:
Hairdryer needed! Avoid any sharp lines on the back and sides, make sure the length of the quiff sits higher than the crown when spiked up. The more texture, the better for that just got out of bed look.

We recommend Davines Texturizer spray, sprayed onto roots of damp hair and dried in. Finish with Davines No. 2 Mat Mould

Iconic look:
New Age Wide Boy

Catwalk trend: 

Elements of the style:
Out grown crew cut “suedehead” Low maintenance haircut with style and attitude. This look is not achieved with clippers, needs it be scissored short and tapered back and sides. Suitable for all hair types.

Styling elements:
Wash it, towel dry it, add a little wax on damp hair and run your fingers through it.

We suggest Davines Wonder Wax, but any light wax will do.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

How To Achieve The Perfect Shave At Home

A haircut is no longer the only aspect of male grooming routine men are paying more attention to. Regular maintenance opportunities like a Traditional Wet Shave are offering guilt free time for some male 'time out' indulgence. Taking 45mins and using luxury shaving products, steaming hot towels, face massage techniques and finishing products, it really is the only way to look perfectly spruced.

Although a Traditional Wet Shave has the benefit of someone else taking the hassle out of a shave as well as giving you the closest shave possible that allows a two or even three stubble free days, it is not always a daily option. So below Hayley, Joe and Co.'s resident barber, give some tips below on the perfect wet shave at home.

"Firstly, prepping your skin is a must. This does not need to take long, just a splash of hot water and a wash with a mild face wash will do. A face scrub can also be use after in circular motions to get rid of any dead skin cell build up but this only needs to be used a couple of days a week as it can be harsh on the skin (we use DR Harris Exfoliating Cream£10.50). Then rinse off with warm water or a soaked flannel. Using a small amount of base oil rubbed into your stubble and under you shaving cream (such as Almond oil) can help achieve a smoother shave but it's not a must. I would also recommend a shaving cream instead of a foam as I think foam has the potential to clog the razor (see other options below). A good quality shaving cream applied with a shaving brush or finger tips in a thin layer will sit well on the skin and has the added benefit of moisturising so preventing dryness after the shaving process is finished (we use DR Harris, Almond Shaving Cream £18.50). I would recommend using a high end razor with more than one blade and start at the sideburns working in a downward motion until the shave is complete, rinsing the blade properly in between. Wash off any excess shaving cream and splash with some cold water to close the pores. Then finish with a slick of good quality light moisturiser suitable for your skin type, something that will sink into the skin and leave no greasy residue (we use DR Harris Aftershave Milk £24.50). This will help to stop your skin from drying out and should help to calm some redness. A splash of cologne is optional!"

Top Tip: If you were to add one product into your current shaving routine, Hayley recommends Salt Rock as this helps stop bleeding and sterelises the skin helping to prevent razor rash. Best used after your shave is complete and apply to a damp face gently rubbing all over shaved areas paying particular attentions to areas that appear sensitive. 

Bloc Osma Available at Joe and Co. £7.00.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Master Barber of Soho

The team at Joe and Co were chuffed today to see they have been featured in this weeks issue of Shortlist.

Shortlist, the London based weekly that acts as a guide to the savvy man, has listed Joe and Co as the barber shop to frequent should you want an authentic experience in a contemporary, laid back environment.  

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Colonel Mills and his Wing-Men (and lady)

Check out what GQ online has to say about it’s visit to Joe and Co last week.

Say goodbye to your little friend

Now we have reached the end of Movember, it’s time to say goodbye to your moustache that I’m sure many of you have grown fond of in this chilly weather!
Come and have you tash shaved off in style, here at Joe and Co we are offering 20% off our traditional wet shaves up until Saturday in celebration for the end of Movember.
But remember, here at Joe and Co a moustache is for life and not just for Movember so be sure to pop in and take advantage of our grooming services all year round.
And if you're still missing your tash a little too much, try this mug from Urban Outfitters

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Tash of the day No. 18

Movemeber is not just for boys!

Clearly demonstrated by the cover of the lastest issue of Gentlewoman Magazine.

Have a look on the Movember website so see how ladies can get involved and help the cause.

Remember boys, you can pop into Joe and Co over the month of November for free tash trims if you are participating in Movember this year...